Friday, May 3, 2013

He Always Surprises Me

Hmmm…when was that? Oh, that was on a Friday before St. Patrick’s Day that Hubby and I went out for dinner. Our son went to a sleepover so we grabbed the chance to have a date. 

We were supposed to sample this Spanish restaurant, but after knowing that we’re going to wait for half an hour to get a seat, Hubby decided to take me to an Irish Pub instead which was located next to the Spanish restaurant. 

But before those happenings, guess what? Wearing my high-heeled boots (not the riding boots kind), I walked about a mile just to get to the restaurant part of the city. It was located in downtown and parking is definitely hard to find in that area. We circled the block thrice before Hubby decided to check the other part and that’s when we saw one available spot. I was hesitant of that because of my heels, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I sucked it up and dealt with it, and I was surprised, I didn’t have sore feet at all. It even turned out to be a nice stroll for the Hubby and I. Not to mention, the weather was great. 

Great weather, superb food, awesome company equals wonderful night. Hope we get to do that again soon!

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