Sunday, February 17, 2013

Maybe One Day He’ll Be Important Enough to Have Some

As a surprise for my husband’s upcoming birthday, I was browsing the net trying to find a site where I could order him some business cards. But the surprise went out the window when I started asking him questions about the correct name of his company and his actual job title, which led him to get suspicious and ask just exactly what I needed that info for.

Though I kept mum, he immediately went to our computer and pulled up the history seeing where I’d been browsing and put two-and-two together. He then in no uncertain terms informed me that he had no need of cards seeing that he was just one of the regular Joe-blow workers, what he likes to call a grunt with boots on the ground. Oh, well…so much for that idea. Besides, to me he’s very important and I don’t need to see a card to know it.

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