Sunday, December 23, 2012

‘Tis the Season for Stores Full of People!

We just got home from grocery shopping and I am so glad we were so lucky not to wait too long in line at the store. My alert husband was able to get into a line where the last in line only had few groceries left in her buggy. As expected the store was jam-packed with people shopping for the holidays. We already knew that even before we got inside the store because the parking lot was slam-jam full. Good thing too a car just left his spot when we arrived. Can you say perfect timing? 

We always shop extra for the holidays and that is because I always make sure there are lots of chocolates on the table. I browsed the metal shelving by myself where the chocolates were while the husband and my son were busy getting all the other groceries that we needed. Now a bowl full of chocolates is sitting on the center of our dining table. The best centerpiece for Christmas ever!

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