Tuesday, October 16, 2012

German For My 37th Birthday

Like I said previously, my birthday last month was a total surprise. Every single thing was planned by my sneaky hubby, and I surely am thankful for him being like that because it surely makes life more exciting and fun. (",)

We were out the whole day for such wonderful escapades, and to end my birthday celebration, we had our dinner at Bavarian Restaurant - a German resto. It was my very first time to be in a German restaurant, and I was glad the husband thought of it because I surely enjoyed the food. Yum-o!

My Husband's Dark Beer

My Fruit Punch

Our son's Ham and Cheese Melt with Mashed Potato.

My Home Made Bratwurst (Kase'/Cheddar & Traditional German). My Husband ordered the same.

Bavarian Raspberry Cream Puffs - sweet treats for me courtesy of my BIL and SIL. My husband called them and their arrival was also a surprise to me.

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