Monday, November 17, 2014

I’m Ready to Shop Until I Drop

Okay, the holiday season has begun and here I am still thinking of what to get my husband and my son. If I had a big budget, there would not be any problems thinking about what to get ‘em. There is that highly rated speaker processor that the hubs would surely love. And also, there’s that Xbox 360 that my son is dying to have. Unfortunately, I don’t have that big of a budget.

I’ve been browsing online stores today and I’ve seen some sales that are really nice. I know my boys will love what I choose. I have no doubt about that. My browsing will continue tomorrow though. I can’t do all the browsing in one day. It makes me dizzy seeing all those fabulous items online.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sauteed Mung Beans with Spinach

Also known as Ginisang Monggo in my home country, this is one of my favorite Filipino dishes. I am actually having it for breakfast now. Back home, we sauteed this with one of my favorite vegetables, Alugbati (Malabar Spinach), but when I got here in the US, Alugbati is not available even in Asian stores. So, I had to opt for their spinach which has a slight difference. They are both considered spinach, but of different variety - the taste and look is just not the same.

We also add Gata ng Niyog (Coconut Milk) sometimes. I haven't tried doing it here in the US yet because all they got are those in cans. I always prefer the fresh coconut milk extracted straight from its shell. Dried fish can also be added to it in lieu of pork.

If you haven't tried this yet, trust me, this is a must-try. Just check for recipes online and choose the one that you like best. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

‘Twas a Fabulous, Festive Fiesta!

The husband gave his only daughter a dinner treat on her birthday over the weekend. We went to this Mexican restaurant famous for one thing aside from their delicious foods – serenading the birthday celebrant. There were a lot of birthday celebrants that night. It seemed like the waiters and waitresses were serenading somebody every ten minutes. The restaurant isn’t that big so everybody could hear whenever they were serenading somebody.

The waiters and waitresses didn’t use any musical instruments at all. All they had were their beautiful voices. I would love for them to use a musical instrument though which I believe is a Musicians friend. Something that is unique. A Mexican musical instrument perhaps, if there’s such a thing. That would be interesting, wouldn’t it? But I think they already knew that all it takes are their voices to make the celebrant happy. (“,)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles

I am a certified chocoholic. So although it wasn't in the plan to buy a bag of these Lindt Lindor chocolate truffles, I couldn't resist when my son grabbed it while we were at Marshall's. We were there to shop for something else and that mission was successful. These were on sale so it didn't hurt to add it to our cart.

These truffles are so delicious. There were four flavors but I couldn't remember all of it except for the dark chocolate.And guess what? They were gone in a few hours. I didn't gobble all of it, okay? The three of us shared, for the record. (",)

Have you tried this one too?

Friday, September 19, 2014

I Love Christmas But...NOT IN SEPTEMBER!

Can you believe the cool weather is here already? And when the cool season begins, it seems like the holidays are just around the corner. Actually, it always feels like everything happens so fast this time of the year. Before we know it, it is already time to go shopping for decorations, gifts and all.

There are actually some who start picking up gifts as early as September. I don't. Although I am not the type who wait for the last minut, September shopping is way too early. I think I'll start shopping after Halloween.

How about you? How early do you start to hit the stores or online shopping perhaps? Just in case you are already thinking of going shopping anytime soon, you might want to add to the list of stores that you might want to check. I found cute stuff there that I think are really nice gifts to give; something that the recipient would truly appreciate.

I love shopping for gifts especially if the budget is A-Okay. Wink wink!