Friday, July 18, 2014

Though Separated By Miles, We're Still Together

My sister celebrated her 44th birthday today and, more than anything, I was drooling over the food and the cake (Like how my husband looks like when he looks at those p90 guitar pickups online. You bet, he does drool over those things). And that's only by looking at the pictures that my Aunt posted on Facebook. That's all I could do because being in her party is impossible for us (the hubs, the little one and I) because we are thousand of miles away from her.

This has been the fourth year that we missed her birthday celebration. Same with the rest of the family's birthdays. Thanks to Facebook, at least I get to see the happenings. And even though I only see the photos, I still feel like I was there celebrating with them. Not to mention, eating and enjoying the food with them too. Heehee.

Well, she still has more birthdays to come and I know we will get to celebrate more of those with her eventually. I do believe!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Dad's Superman Birthday Cake

Why superman?

It all started when Dad's friends call him superman and that is because he works so hard day and night which they believe only a superman can do. No joke! Dad is already in his 60's but he still works so hard that with the amount of work that he does day and night, you wouldn't think that he is already in his 60's.

So on his 68th birthday in May, my sister thought of getting him a superman themed cake. I was the one who paid for it though.

How beautiful is that cake? Or maybe I should say, how handsome is superman in that cake?

I love the details put into it and how they decorated it. Definitely worth the price that I've paid for. Nice thought by my dear sister too. And without a doubt, Dad was surely delighted.

Happy 68th Birthday once again, Dad! Here's wishing you many more birthdays to come, bountiful blessings and good health!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

One of the Few Times Mom Was Fooled...Gotcha Mom!

My mom celebrated her 64th birthday on June 26 and as I wrote on my family blog, the whole family surprised her with a birthday dinner. My sister was the one who planned the entire event which I find so cute because they all decided to wear striking red tops. As they say, wearing red on your birthday or someone else's birthday brings good luck. That is probably just one of those superstitious beliefs, but doing so won't hurt anyway, so why not.

They had the dinner at a new restaurant in the city. The three of us (my husband, our son and I) were not able to attend because we are thousands of miles away from them. All I could do was share a little something to add to the surprise.

The photo below was taken by my aunt using her cellphone thus the not so sharp picture. Nonetheless, you can still tell how mouth-watering the foods were, can't you? The crabs! I've missed those. We always have them so fresh. And how lovely was the cake? It was a gift from my nephew.

I was so glad everything went as planned. Kudos to everyone. They really made it a point to give mom the best birthday ever!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Filipino Lasagna

I love pasta and amongst all, it is lasagna that I like the most. One day, I craved for one, but strangely, what I wanted was a Filipino lasagna. So what I did was browsed on Pinterest and I was actually surprised that there is one. I know for certain that lasagna is an Italian food, but the explorer in me took the chances of finding one and voila! There is one! Awesome!

And what's more awesome about it was that, it has mushrooms and carrots in it which are just some of the vegetables that I love. Totally perfect!

So off we went to the grocery store and within a few hours, my cravings for the sumptuous Filipino lasagna was fulfilled.

Can you tell how delicious this Filipino lasagna was?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

As if We Need a Reminder to Spend All Our Money

I put a magnetic board on the wall above our computer monitor and on it we put all the bills that need to be paid for the coming week on Hubby's payday, or major payments for the month. It helps us keep track of what's due since it's very obvious, the bill is yelling right in front of us. There would be no reason for us to forget anything other than total carelessness or memory gap.

I was having my lunch in front of the computer today like what I always do most of the time (that's how I multi-task) when I realized that aside from the bills on the board, we also have other things to pay. That's what I learned after checking my email. The soccer fee for our son's Fall soccer is due next week. That sure caught me off guard. Fall soccer season will start in September and I was thinking the fee would be due in July. Seems like I really need some more help when it comes to organizing our finances, huh? I sure do know Russell Allen Accounting would be a big help, but getting their help is out of the budget so I have to do everything in my own power.

Well, good thing I have savings. It was supposed to be for something else, but first things first. That thing (which happens to be just one of the many things women can't live without...wink!) can surely wait. For now, it can.