Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Continuing Family Tradition: Making Music

Our legacy of being a music family has continued into a new generation. My husband has played the guitar since he was 13 (self-taught) and was in his high school marching and concert bands, his daughter did the same as well as carrying it on into her university career, and now our son is in his middle school’s concert band. Our son plays the trumpet, my husband played the baritone horn and trombone but his daughter was a flutist. So two out of the three of them were in the brass section.

Of the two instruments my husband played, he preferred the trombone. And our son has expressed an interest in changing instruments, wanting to try out the trombone which pleases my husband and he immediately did some research on where to get him one and he found trombone guide at thehub. It’s exciting to see this musical tradition continue and we know that we will be seeing many enjoyable concerts in the future.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

BRRRRRR! Winter is on the Horizon

Can you believe the year is almost over? And few more days to go and Mr. ‘Ol Man Winter will be upon us again. We normally have a very mild winter here in the south, but we always make sure of course to be ready because we never know what Mr. ‘Ol Man Winter has in store for us.

That said, having Cozy Winters is on mind even before winter finally gets here. All our winter gear and outfits are good-to-go. I do hope we will get a little more snow than we did last year. I can’t help but remember with fondness my first Christmas here in the US: a white one with about two feet of snow! The most we had last winter was 8 inches. Oops, didn’t they say be careful what you wish for? Just no blizzards please. That’s all I hope and pray.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Son is Aspiring to Great Heights Musically

Being in the middle school concert band is truly a learning experience for my son. Not only is he learning how to play an instrument, the trumpet, all the students are being taught how to put together an astounding performance using professional-grade equipment too. I'm not sure, but maybe a mixer like the numark 2 channel mixer is one of them.

I haven’t a clue as to what he’s tried to explain to me about all those equipment. All I know is that he’s so excited and that is good because it will keep him interested in his musical endeavors. And who knows? This may lead him to a great career in the world of music.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Getting My Hubs His Challenger Dream Car Will Be a Challenge

When it comes to toys for the big boys, there is no boring conversations with my husband, brothers and nephews about it. It gets them excited and they are contagious so it never fails to excite me too.

I took a photo of hubby’s dream car – a Dodge Challenger – in a parking lot here and shared it with my brothers on Facebook. The conversation started with just the car, then it escalated to racing cars and the different accessories including the Pegasus has data loggers, etc. and then it got more exciting when each of them shared their dream cars complete with all the awesome accessories that you could think of. I didn’t have a clue that those accessories even existed. As much as they love cars, of course they love watching car racing too.

I may get excited talking to them about cars, but car racing is not up my alley. But what can I say? Boys will be boys, right? And they will always love their toys, no matter what. The only difference is, their toys gets pricey. I just hope and wish they will be able to reach their dreams of owning those awesome cars. Nothing would make me happier than seeing their overjoyed faces.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

To Me, Music Always Leads to Nostalgia

I was reading articles online and I saw this palmer speaker simulator. I got nostalgic because I remember seeing my late husband carrying one home years back for him to repair. He worked at an FM Station and it was where I first time saw all those musical instruments that I hadn’t seen or heard before. They had a lot of stimulators at the station and other high-tech musical instruments.

Looking back, we used to hang out at the FM station a lot and just listen to music or chat with his colleagues. I do wonder how they are doing now and if the station is still open. Those were the good days!